Welcome to KEConsulting & Publications, LLC - Beautifully worded poetic messages for those you care about

 Personal messages of hope, love, celebration, self-improvement are just some of the things we offer here at KEConsulting & Publications, LLC.

With literally thousands of wonderful messages to fill thousands of unique celebration cards you can give to loved ones for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Graduations, Inspiration, Self-Improvement, and Christianity, there's no limit to the seemingly endless array of beautifully worded poetic messages you can send to family and friends.
Our cards appeal to poetry lovers, Christians, and just about anyone who appreciates meaningful messages of wisdom and celebration printed on 8" X 11" cards. While greeting cards are very popular among our customers, it's not all we offer. We also have what we all Cardettes. These are 6 double-sided items, with wire-binding, and messages dealing with Christmas, Christianity, Valentine Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day. We also have Perpetual Calendars, with each message spelling out special day greetings and messages.

KEConsulting & Publications specializes in Title Poems - these are poems with the first letters of stanzas spelling out the poem title. We also have inspirational "booklettes" like In God's Universe, Christian Time, Expressions of Love. We even have original books for sale. We currently have 5 titles on offer: THE WEIGHING GAME, JOURNEY and SELECTED TITLE POEMS, JOURNEY ON LIFE'S ROAD I, JOURNEY ON LIFE'S ROAD II, CHRISTIAN TIME.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about our outstanding products, give us a call at 424-347-2111  or email us at kcarter863@outlook.com .