Welcome to KEConsulting & Publications, LLC - Offering Unique and Meaningful Messages of Wisdom and Celebration

 Established back in 1985, KEConsulting & Publications, LLC is a company that offers a wide variety of unique celebration cards for difference occasions.

Welcome to KEConsulting & Publications, LLC - Offering Unique and Meaningful Messages of Wisdom and Celebration.
It was started when I decided to write books for my writing classes at California State University, Northridge. However, as more people began to read my poetry and wisdom phrases, more people suggested that I start a 'card' line. My cards and wisdom phrases cover Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Graduations, Inspiration, Self-Improvement, and Christianity.

I have, literally, "messages" for thousands of cards; hundreds of cards on hand; "cardettes" (6 double-sided items, with wire-binding, and messages dealing with Christmas, Christianity, Valentine Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day), including "perpetual calendars" (with each message spelling out special day greetings and messages. I love poems and my work appeals to poetry lovers around the world. I like creating poems with the first letters of stanzas spelling out the poem title. I also have inspirational booklettes - In God's Universe, Christian Time, Expressions of Love.

CARDETTES and BOOKLETTES can be provided with card-quality covers (regular paper) OR with all pages laminated (with plastic binding). Currently, I have 5 books for sale: THE WEIGHING GAME, JOURNEY and SELECTED TITLE POEMS, JOURNEY ON LIFE'S ROAD I, JOURNEY ON LIFE'S ROAD II, CHRISTIAN TIME.

If you'd like to learn more about our products and services, please feel free to call us at
310-530-3580 or send us an email at kcarter863@outlook.com or any Hekimaseeds related address.
INCLUDED AFTER "VARIOUS OCCASIONS": We specialize in TITLE messages (on the decorated side of each card: where the poem’s title is spelled out by the message, in a flowing manner—i.e., no A is for Angel or S is for someone. The non-decorated side includes a free prose message related to the poem title. Each card is a laminated 8 ½ X 11 sheet of paper. 
Cardettes are 12 -14 (back-to-back) page messages that come in laminated and non-laminated copies. Our Christian, Valentines, Mothers Day, and Fathers Day "perpetual calendars" (no actual months or days, but poems that spell-out each month with different messages about MOTHER, FATHER, GRADUATION, etc.) For example, The Christian calendar contains poems spelling out each month AND (either) the names of Old Testament OR New Testament books. These are long-lasting gifts with messages of wisdom, philosophy, and praise for family, friends, and acquaintances.